Titanic's Crew


The Titanic's Officers

Note: Engineering Officers are in the engineering list

Those who survived are marked with an asterisk ( * )

Captain Edward John (E.J.) Smith
Chief Officer Henry Tingle Wilde 
First Officer William McMaster Murdoch
* Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller
* Third Officer Herbert John Pitman
* Fourth Officer Joseph Grove Boxhall
* Fifth Officer Harold Godfrey Lowe
Sixth Officer James Pell Moody



Deck Department

Those who survived are marked with an asterisk ( * )

*Anderson, J.: Able bodied seaman
*Archer, Ernest: Able bodied seaman

*Bailey, W.: Master at arms
Bradley, F.: Able bodied seaman
*Brice, W.: Able bodied seaman
*Bright, Arthur John: Quartermaster
*Buley, Edward J.: Able bodied seaman

Church, G.: Able bodied seaman
*Clench, Fredrick: Able bodied seaman
Clench, G.: Able bodied seaman
Crouch, F.: Able bodied seaman

Davis, Stephen J.: Able bodied seaman

*Evans, Alfred Frank: Lookout
Evans, Frank O.: Able bodied seaman

*Fleet, Fredrick: Lookout
*Foley, Jack: Storekeeper
*Forward, J.: Able bodied seaman
*French, William

*Hagan, John: Able bodied seaman
*Haines, Albert: Boatswain's mate
*Harder, William: Window cleaner
*Hemmings, Samuel Ernest: Lamptrimmer
*Hitchens, Robert: Quartermaster
*Hogg, George Alfred: Lookout
Holman, H.: Able bodied seaman
*Hopkins, Robert: Able bodied seaman
*Horswill, Albert Edward James: Able bodied seaman
*Humphreys, James: Quartermaster
Hutchinson, John H.: Joiner

*Jewell, Archie: Lookout
Johnson, A.: Harland and Wolff Guarantee Group
Johnson, W.: Harland and Wolff Guarantee Group
*Jones, Thomas: Able bodied seaman

King, T. W.: Master-at-arms

*Lee, Reginald Robinson: Lookout
Leonard, L.: Harland and Wolff Guarantee Group
*Lucas, William: Able bodied seaman
Lyons, William: H. Able bodied seaman

Matherson, D.; Able bodied seaman
Mathias, M.: Mess-room steward
Maxwell, John: Carpenter
*McCarthy, W.: Able bodied seaman
*McGough, James (Paddy): Able bodied seaman
*Moore, George: Able bodied seaman
Nichols, Alfred: Boatswain

O'Loughlin, William F. H.: Surgeon
*Olliver, Alfred: Quartermaster
*Osman, Frank: Able bodied seaman

Parks, Sam: Seaman
*Pascoe, C. H.: Able bodied seaman
*Perkis, Walter J.: Quartermaster
*Peters, W. C.: Able bodied seaman
*Pigott, P.: Able bodied seaman
*Poigndestre, John: Able bodied seaman

*Rowe, George Thomas: Quartermaster

Sawyer, R. J.: Window cleaner
*Scarrott, Joseph: Able bodied seaman
Simpson, J. Edward: Assistant surgeon
Smith, W.: Able bodied seaman
*Symons, George: Lookout

Tamlyn, Fredrick: Mess-room steward
Taylor, C.: Able bodied seaman
Terrell, Bertram: Able bodied seaman
*Turnquist, W.: Harland and Wolff Guarantee Group

*Weller, William: Able bodied seaman
*White, Ralph: Able bodied seaman
*Wynn, Walter: Quartermaster

Employed by Messers C.W. and F.N. Black of Liverpool.
Travelling as second class passengers.

Brailey, Theodore: Pianist
Bricoux, Roger: Cellist
Clarke, J. Fred C.: Bass Violist
Hartley, Wallace Henry: Violinist, Bandmaster
Hume, John (Jock) Law: First Violinist
Krins, George: Violist
Taylor, Percy, C.: Cellist
Woodward, J. W.: Cellist

Postal Clerks
Employed by their respective Postal Systems.
Traveling as second class passengers.

Gwinn, William: Postal Clerk (U.S)
March, John Starr: Postal Clerk (U.S.)
Smith, John Richard Jago: Postal Clerk (England)
Williamson, James Bertram: Postal Clerk (England)
Woody, Oscar S. Postal: Clerk (U.S.)

Housekeeping Department

Those who survived are marked with an asterisk ( * )

Abbott, E. Pantryman
Ahier, P. Saloon steward
Akerman, J. Assistant pantryman
Akermann, A. Steward
Allan, F. Lift attendant
Allan, R. Bedroom steward
Allaria, Baptiste Assistant waiter
Allen, E. Scullion
Allsop, F. Saloon steward
Anderson, W. Bedroom steward
*Andrews, Charles E. Assistant steward
Ashcroft, A. Clerk
Ashe, H. G. H. steward
Aspelagi, G. Assistant plateman
Ayling, E. Assistant vegetable cook

Back, C. Assistant attendant
*Baggott, A. Saloon steward
Bagley, E. Saloon steward
Bailey, G. Saloon steward
*Ball, Percy Plate washer
Banfi, Waiter
Barker, A. Assistant baker
Barker, E. Saloon steward
Barker, Reginald L. Second Purser
Barker, T. Assistant butcher
Barlow, G. Bedroom steward
Barnes, W. Assistant baker
Barrett, A. Bell boy
Barringer, A. Saloon steward
Barrow, H. Assistant butcher
Barrows, W. Saloon steward
Barton, S. Steward
Basilico, G. Waiter
Baxter, F. Linen keeper
Baxter, H. R. Steward
Bazzi, L. Waiter
Beedman, G. Bedroom steward
Beere, William Kitchen Porter
*Belford, Walter Chief night baker
Benhem, T. Saloon steward
*Bennett, Mrs. Stewardess
Bernardi, B. Assistant waiter
Berthold, Florentini Assistant scullery man
Bessant, E. Baggage master
Best, E. Saloon steward
Beux, D. Assistant waiter
Bietrix, G. Sauce cook
Bishop, W. Bedroom steward
*Bliss, Miss Stewardess
Blumet, J. Plateman
Bochet, G. Second waiter
Bochetez, J. Assistant chef
Bogie, L. Bedroom steward
Bolhens, H. Larder cook
Bond, W. Bedroom steward
Boothby, W. Bedroom steward
Boston, W. Assistant deck steward
Boughton, E. Saloon steward
Bowker, Miss Little Cashier
Boyd, J. Saloon steward
Boyes, H. Saloon steward
Bradshaw, J. Plate washer
Brewster, G. H. Bedroom steward
*Bride, Harold Second Marconi operator
Bristow, Robert C. Steward
Bristowe, H. Saloon steward
Brookman, J. Steward
Broom, H. Bath steward
Broome, Athol Assistant veranda cafe
*Brown, Edward Saloon steward
Brown, W. Saloon steward
Buckley, H. Assistant vegetable cook
Bull, W. Scullion
Bully, H. Boots
Bunmell, F. Plate washer
*Burgess, Charles Extra third baker
Burke, R. Lounge attendant
*Burke, William Saloon steward
Burr, E. Saloon steward
*Burrage. A. Plates
Butt, Robert Saloon steward
Butterworth, J. Saloon steward
Byrne, J. Bedroom steward

Campbell, D. S. Clerk
Carney, William Lift attendant
Cartwright, J. Saloon steward
Casswill, C. Saloon steward
*Caton, Miss Turkish Bath attendant
Caunt, W. Grill cook
Cave, Herbert Saloon steward
Cecil, C. Steward
*Chapman, J. Boots
Charboison, A. Roast cook
Charman, John Saloon steward
Cheverton, W. F. Saloon steward
Chitty, G. Steward
Chitty, G. Assistant baker
Christmas, H. Assistant steward
Clark, T. Bedroom steward
Coleman, A. Saloon steward
*Colgan, J. Scullion
*Collins, John Scullion
Conway, P. Saloon steward
Cook, George Saloon steward
Coombs, C. Assistant cook
Corben, E. T. Assistant printer
Cornaire, M. Assistant roast
Coutin, A. Entree cook
Cox, Denton Steward
*Crafter, F. Saloon steward
*Crawford, Alfred Bedroom steward
Crisp, H. Saloon steward
Crispin, W. G. H. steward
Crosbie, J. B. Turkish Bath attendant
Crovelle, Louis Assistant waiter
*Crowe, George F. Saloon steward
Crumplin, C. Bedroom steward
*Cullen, C. Bedroom steward
*Cunningham, Andrew Bedroom steward

*Daniels, S. Steward
Dashwood, W. Saloon steward
Davies, Gordon Bedroom steward
Davies, J. Extra second baker
Davies, R. J. Saloon steward
De Breucq, M. Assistant waiter
Dean, G. Assistant steward
Deeble, A. Saloon steward
Denison, ? Purser
Dennarsico Assistant waiter
Derrett, A. Saloon steward
Deslands, P. Saloon steward
Desvernini, L. Assistant pastry
Dineage, J. Saloon steward
Dodd, George Chief second steward
Dolby, J. Reception room attendant
Donati, Italio Assistant waiter
Donoghue, F. Bedroom steward
Dornier, S. Assistant fish
Doughty, W. Saloon steward
Dunford, W. Hospital steward
Dyer, W. Saloon steward

Edbrooke, F. Steward
Ede, G. B. Steward
Edge, F. Deck steward
Edwards, C. Assistant pantryman
Egg, W. H. Steward
*Ellis, J. Assistant vegetable cook
Ennis, W. Turkish Bath attendant
*Etches, Henry Samuel Bedroom steward
Evans, George Saloon steward
Evans, George Steward

Fairall, H. Saloon steward
Fanette, M. Assistant waiter
Farrendon, E. Confectioner
*Faulkner, William Bedroom steward
Fei, Carlo Sculleryman
Fellows, A. Assistant boots
Feltham, G. Vienna
Fenton, F. Saloon steward
Finch, H. Steward
Fletcher, P. W. Bugler
*Foley, W. C. Steward
Ford, E. Steward
Ford, F. Bedroom steward
Fox, W. T. Steward
Frankin, A. Saloon steward
Freeman, Ernest E. S. Deck steward, Ismay's Secretary
*Fropper, R. Saloon steward

Gatti, L. Manager Cafe Parrisian
Geddes, R. Bedroom steward
*Gibbons, J. W. Saloon steward
Gilardino, V. Waiter
Giles, J. Second baker
Gill, P. Ship's cook
Gill, S. Bedroom steward
*Gold, Mrs Kate Stewardess
Gollop, C. Assistant cook
Goshawk, A. Saloon steward
*Gregson, Miss Stewardess
Gros, Claude G. Assistant coffee man,
Gullio, Casali Waiter
Gunn, J. Assistant steward
*Guy, J. Assistant boots

*Halford, R. Steward
Hall, F. Scullion
Halloway, S. Assistant clothes presser
Hamblyn, Ernest William Bedroom steward
Hamilton, E. Assistant S. R. steward
Harding, A. Assistant bedroom steward
*Hardwick, R. Kitchen porter
*Hardy, John Chief second class steward
Harris, C. H. Bell Boy
Harris, C. W. Saloon steward
Harris, E. Assistant pantryman
*Harrison, A. Saloon steward
*Hart, John Edward Third class steward
*Hartnell, Frederick Saloon steward
Hatch, H. Scullion
Hawkesworth, John Saloon steward
Hawksworth, W. Assistant deck steward
Hayter, A. Bedroom steward
Helnen, J. Saloon steward
Hendy, E. Saloon steward
Henry, W. Assistant boots
Hensford, J. Assistant butcher
Hewett, T. Bedroom steward
Hill, H. Steward
Hill, J. Bedroom steward
Hinckley, G. Baths
Hines, G. Third baker
Hiscock, S. Plate washer
Hoare, Leo Saloon steward
Hogg, C. Bedroom steward
Hogue, E. Plate washer
Holland, T. Assistant reception room attendant
Hopkins, F. Plate washer
House, W. Saloon steward
Howell, A. Saloon steward
Hughes, H. Assistant second steward
Humby, F. Plates
Humphreys, H. Assistant steward
Hutchinson, J. Vegetable cook
*Hylands, Leo J. Steward

Ide, H. Bedroom steward
Ingrouville, H. Steward
Ings, W. Scullion

Jackson, H. Assistant boots
Jaillet, H. Pastry cook
Janaway, W. Bedroom steward
Janin, C. Soup cook
Jeffery, W. Controller
Jenner, H. Saloon steward
Jenson, C. V. Saloon steward
*Jessop, Miss Violet Stewardess
Johnson, H. Assistant ship's cook
*Johnson, James Saloon steward
Jones, A. Saloon steward
Jones, A. Plates
Jones, H. Roast cook
Jones, Reginald V. Saloon steward
Jouanmault, G. Assistant sauce
Joughin, Charles Chief baker

*Keene, P. Saloon steward
Kelland, T. Librarian
Kennell, C. Heb cook
Kerley, W. T. Assistant steward
Ketchley, H. Saloon steward
Kieran, M. Assistant storekeeper
Kiernan, James W. Chief third class steward
King, A. Lift attendant
King, Ernest Pursers clerk
King, G. Scullion
Kingscote, W. F. Saloon steward
Kitching, A. Saloon steward
Klein, H. Barber
*Knight, George Saloon steward
Knight, L. Steward

Lacey, Bert W. Assistant steward
Lake, W. Saloon steward
Lane, A. E. Saloon steward
Latimer, Andrew J. Chief steward
*Lavington, Miss Stewardess
Lawrence, A. Saloon steward
Leader, A. Assistant confectioner
*Leather, Mrs Elizabeth Stewardess
Lefever, G. Saloon steward
Leonard, M. Steward
Levett, G. Assistant pantryman
*Lewis, Arthur Steward
Light, C. Plate washer
*Littlejohn, A. Saloon steward
Lloyd, H. Saloon steward
Lock, A. Assistant cook
Longmiur, J. Assistant bedroom steward
Lovell, J. Grill cook
*Lucas, W. Saloon steward
Lydiatt, C. Saloon steward

Mabey, J. Steward
*MacKay, Charles D. Saloon steward
MacKie, G. Bedroom steward
Major, E. Bath steward
Mantle, R. Steward
Marks, J. Assistant pantryman
Marriott, J. W. Assistant pantryman
*Marsden, Miss Stewardess
*Martin, A. Scullion
*Martin, Miss Second cashier
*Martin, Mrs. Stewardess
Mattman, A. Ice man
*Mauge, Paul Chef's assistant
*Maynard, John Entree cook
Maytum, Alfred Chief butcher
McCarty, F. Bedroom steward
McCawley, T. W. Gymnasium
McElroy, Herbert Walter Purser
McGrady, James Saloon steward
*McLaren, Mrs. Stewardess
*McMicken, A. Saloon steward
McMullen, J. Saloon steward
McMurray, W. Bedroom steward
Mellor, A. Saloon steward
Middleton, M. V. Saloon steward
*Mills, C. Assistant butcher
Mishellany, A. Printer
Monoros, J. Assistant waiter
Monteverdi, J. Assistant entree
Moore, A. Saloon steward
Morgan, W. Assistant storekeeper
*Morris, F. Bath steward
Moss, William Saloon steward
Mullen, T. Steward
Muller, L. Interpeter

Nannini, F. Head waiter
*Neale, H. Assistant baker
Nicholls, T. Saloon steward
Nichols, A. Steward
*Nichols, W. K. Assistant steward

O'Connor, T. Bedroom steward
Olive, E. R. Clothes presser
Orpet, W. Saloon steward
Orr, J. Assistant vegetable cook
Osborne, W. Saloon steward
Owens, L. Assistant steward

Pacey, R. Lift attendant
Pacherat, J. Assistant larder
Painton, J. A. Captain's steward
Parsons, E. Chief storekeeper
Parsons, R. Saloon steward
Pearce, A. Steward
*Pearcey, Albert Victor Third class pantryman
Pedrini, Alex Assistant waiter
Pennell, F. Bath steward
Penny, W. Assistant steward
Penrose, J. Bedroom steward
Perkins, L. Telephone operator
Perotti, Alfonsi Assistant waiter
Perrin, W. Boots
Perriton, H. Saloon steward
Petrachio, A. Assistant waiter
Petrachio, S. Assistant waiter
Petty, Edwin Henry Bedroom steward
*Phillimore, Harold Saloon steward
Phillips, J. Storesman
Phillips, John George First Marconi operator
Piatti, L. Assistant waiter
Piazza, P. Waiter
Platt, W. Scullion
Poggi, E. Waiter
Pook, R. Assistant bedroom steward
*Port, F. Steward
*Prentice, Frank M. Assistant storekeeper
Price, E. Barman
Prideaux, J. A. Steward
*Prior, H. J. Steward
*Pritchard, Mrs. Stewardess
Proctor, Chester Chef
Pryce, W. Saloon steward
*Pugh, Alfred Steward
Pusey, J. Saloon steward

Randall, F. Saloon steward
Ranson, Jas Saloon steward
Ratti, E. Waiter
*Ray, Frederick Dent Saloon steward
Reed, C. Bedroom steward
Revall, W. Saloon steward
Ricardona, R. Assistant waiter
Rice, J. R. Clerk
Rice, P. Steward
Ricks, Cyril S. Assistant storekeeper
Ridout, W. Saloon steward
Rigozzi, A. Waiter
Roberts, F. Third butcher
Roberts, H. Bedroom steward
*Roberts, Mrs. Stewardess
Robertson, G. Assistant steward
Robinson, J. Saloon steward
*Robinson, Mrs. Annie Stewardess
Rogers, E. J. Assistant storekeeper
Rogers, M. Saloon steward
Ross, R. Scullion
Rotto, Angelo Waiter
Rousseau, P. Chef
Rowe, M. Saloon steward
*Rule, Samuel J. Bath steward
Rummer, G. Saloon steward
Russell, R. Saloon steward
Ryan, T. Steward
*Ryerson, W. E. Saloon steward

Sacaggi, G. Assistant waiter
Salussolia, Giovenz Glass man
Samuels, W. Saloon steward
Saunders, D. E. Saloon steward
*Savage, C. J. Steward
Scavino, C. Carver
Scott Assistant boots
Scovell, R. Saloon steward
Sedunary, Sidney Steward
Sesea, Gino Waiter
Sevier, W. Steward
*Seward, H. Pantryman
Shaw, H. Scullion
Shea, J. Saloon steward
Siebert, Sidney C. Bedroom steward
*Simmonds, A. Scullion
Simmons, F. G. Saloon steward
Simmons, W. Pass cook
Skinner, E. Saloon steward
Slight, H. J. Steward
Slight, W. Larder cook
*Sloan, Miss Mary Stewardess
*Slocombe, Mrs. Maud Turkish Bath attendant
Smillie, J. Saloon steward
Smith, C. Bedroom steward
Smith, C. Scullion
Smith, F. Assistant pantryman
Smith, J. Assistant baker
*Smith, Miss Stewardess
Smith, R. G. Saloon steward
Snape, Mrs. Stewardess
Stagg, J. H. Saloon steward
*Stap, Miss Stewardess
Stebbing, S. Chief boots
*Stewart, John (Jack) Veranda cafe
Stone, E. Bedroom steward
Stone, E. Bedroom steward
Stroud, E. A. Saloon steward
Stroud, H. Saloon steward
Strugnell, J. Saloon steward
Stubbings, H. Cook and mess
Swan, W. Bedroom steward
Symonds, J. Saloon steward

Talbot, George Fredrick Charles Steward
Taylor, C. Steward
Taylor, L. Turkish Bath attendant
Taylor, W. Saloon steward
*Terrell, F. Assistant steward
Testoni, Ercole Assistant glass man
Thayler, M. Steward
*Thessinger, A. Bedroom steward
*Thomas, A. C. Saloon steward
*Thomas, B. Saloon steward
Thompson, H. Second storekeeper
Thorley, W. Assistant cook
Tietz, C. Kitchen porter
*Toms, F. Saloon steward
Topp, T. Second butcher
Tucker, B. Second pantryman
Turner, G. F. Stenographer
Turner, L. Saloon steward
Turvey, C. Page boy

Urbini, R. Waiter

Valassori, Ettera Waiter
Veal, T. Saloon steward
Vicat, J. Fish cook
Vilvarlarge, P. Assistant soup
Vine, H. Assistant controller
Vioni, R. Waiter
Voegelin, H. Coffeeman

Wake, S. Assistant baker
Wallis, Mrs. Matron
Walpole, John Chief pantryman
Walsh, Miss Stewardess
Ward, E. Bedroom steward
Ward, P. Bedroom steward
*Ward, William Saloon steward
Wareham, R. Bedroom steward
Warwick, F. Saloon steward
Watson, W. Bell boy
Weatherstone, T. Saloon steward
Webb, Brooke Smoke-room steward
*Weikman, August H. Barber
Welch, W. H. Assistant cook
*Wheat, Joseph Thomas Assistant second steward
*Wheelton, E. Saloon steward
White, A. Assistant barber
White, J. G. H. steward
White, L. Saloon steward
*Whitely, Thomas S aloon steward
Whitford, A. Saloon steward
*Widgery, James Baths
Williams, A. Assistant storekeeper
*Williams, W. Assistant steward
Willis, W. Steward
Wiltshire, W. Assistant butcher
*Windebank, J. sauce cook
*Witter, James Second class smoke-room steward
Wittman, H. Bedroom steward
Wood, J. T. Assistant steward
Wormald, T. Saloon steward
Wrapson, H. Assistant pantryman
Wright, Fredrick Racquet-court attendant
*Wright, W. G. H. steward

*Yearsley, H. Saloon steward
Yoshack, J. Saloon steward

Zarracchi, L. Wine butler


Engineering Department

Those who survived are marked with an asterisk ( * )

Abraham, C.: Fireman
Adams, R.: Fireman
*Allen, E.: Trimmer
Allen, H.: Fireman
Alsopp, Alfred S.: Junior Electrician
*Avery, J.: Trimmer

Bailey, G. W.: Fireman
Baines, Rich: Greaser
Ball, W.: Fireman
Bannon, John: Greaser
Barlow, C.: Fireman
Barnes, Chas: Fireman
Barnes, J.: Fireman
Barrett, F. W.: Fireman
*Barrett, Fredrick: Leading fireman
Beattie, F.: Greaser
*Beauchamp, George: Fireman
Bell, Joseph: Chief Engineer
Bendell, T.: Fireman
Bennett, G.: Fireman
Benville, E.: Fireman
Bessant, W.: Fireman
Bevis, J.: Trimmer
Biddlecombe, C.: Fireman
Biggs, E.: Fireman
Billows, J.: Trimmer
*Binstead, Walter: Trimmer
Black, A.: Fireman
Black, D.: Fireman
Blackman, H.: Fireman
*Blake, P.: Trimmer
Blake, Seaton: Mess steward
Blake, T.: Fireman
Blancy, J.: Fireman
Blann, Eustace: Fireman
Bott, W.: Greaser
Bradley, P.: Fireman
Brewer, H.: Trimmer
Brigge, W.: Fireman
Brooks, J.: Trimmer
Brown, J.: Fireman
Brown, J.: Fireman
Burroughs, A.: Fireman
Burton, E.: Fireman
Butt, W.: Fireman

Calderwood, H.: Trimmer
Camner, J.: Fireman
Carr, R.: Trimmer
Carter, F.: Trimmer
Casey, T.: Trimmer
Castleman, E.: Greaser
*Cavell, George: Trimmer
Cherrett, W.: Fireman
Chisnall, G.: Boilermaker
Chorley, J.: Fireman
*Clark, W.: Fireman
Coe, H.: Trimmer
Coffey, John: Fireman (Deserted in Queenstown)
Coleman, J.: Mess steward
*Collins, Samuel: Fireman
*Coombes, G.: Fireman
Cooper, H.: Fireman
Cooper, J.: Trimmer
Copperthwaite, B.: Fireman
Corcoran, D.: Fireman
Cotton, A.: Fireman
Couch, J.: Greaser
*Couper, R.: Fireman
Coy, F. E. G.: Junior third assistant engineer
Crabb, H.: Trimmer
Creese, H.: Deck engineer
*Crimmins, J.: Fireman
Cross, W.: Fireman
Cunningham, B.: Fireman
Curtis, A.: Fireman

Davies, T.: Leading fireman
Dawson, J.: Trimmer
*Diaper, J.: Fireman
Dickson, W.: Trimmer
*Dilley, J.: Fireman
*Dillon, Thomas Patrick: Trimmer
Dodd, E. C.: Junior third engineer
Dodd, R.: Junior fourth assistant engineer
*Doel, F.: Fireman
*Dore, A.: Trimmer
Doyle, F.: Fireman
Duffy, William: Writer
Dyer, Henry Ryland: Senior fourth assistant engineer
*Dymond, Frank: Fireman

Eagle, A. J.: Trimmer
Eastman, C.: Greaser
Elliott, Everett Edward: Trimmer
Ervine, George: Assistant electrician
Evans, W.: Trimmer

Farquharson, W.: Senior second engineer
Fay, F.: Greaser
Ferrary,: Auto Trimmer
Ferris, W.: Leading fireman
*Fitzpatrick, C. W.: Mess steward
Fitzpatrick, H.: Junior boilermaker
*Flarty, E.: Fireman
Ford, H.: Trimmer
Ford, Thomas: Leading fireman
Foster, A.: Storekeeper
Fraser, J.: Junior third assistant engineer
Fraser, J.: Fireman
*Fredricks, W.: Trimmer
*Fryer, A.: Trimmer

Gardner, F.: Greaser
Geer, A.: Fireman
*Godley, G.: Fireman
Golder, M. W.: Fireman
Gordon, J.: Trimmer
Goree, F.: Greaser
Gosling, B.: Trimmer
Gosling, S.: Trimmer
*Graham, T.: Fireman
Graves, S.: Fireman
Green, G.: Trimmer
Gregory, D.: Greaser
Grodidge, E.: Fireman
Gunnery, G.: Mess steward

*Hagan, J.: Fireman
Hall, J.: Fireman
Hallett, G.: Fireman
Hands, B.: Fireman
Hannam, G.: Fireman
Harris, E.: Fireman
*Harris, F.: Fireman
Harris, F.: Trimmer
Harrison, N.: Junior second engineer
Hart, Thomas: Fireman
Harvey, Herbert G.: Junior second assistant engineer
Hasgood, R.: Fireman
Haslin, J.: Trimmer
Head, A.: Fireman
*Hebb, A.: Trimmer
*Hendrickson, Charles: Leading fireman
Hesketh, James H.: Second engineer
Hill, J.: Trimmer
Hinton, W.: Trimmer
Hodge, C.: Senior third assistant engineer
Hodges, W.: Fireman
Hodgkinson, L.: Senior fourth engineer
Hosgood, R.: Fireman
Hosking. G. F.: Senior third engineer
*Hunt, Albert: Trimmer
Hunt, T.: Fireman
Hurst, C. J.: Fireman
*Hurst, Walter: Greaser

Ingram, C.: Trimmer
Instance, T.: Fireman

Jacobson, John: Fireman
Jago, J.: Greaser
James, Thos: Fireman
Jarvis, W.: Fireman
Joas, N.: Fireman
*Judd, C.: Fireman
Jukes, J.: Greaser
Jupe, Herbert: Assistant electrican

*Kasper, F.: Fireman
Kearl, C.: Greaser
Kearl, G.: Trimmer
Keegan, Jas: Leading fireman
Kelly, Jas: Greaser
Kelly, William: Assistant electrician
*Kemish, George: Fireman
Kemp, Thos: Executive fourth assistant engineer
Kenchenten, Fredrick: Greaser
Kenzler, A.: Storekeeper
Kerr, T.: Fireman
Kinsella, L.: Fireman
Kirkham, J.: Greaser
*Knowles, T.: Firemen's messman

Lahy, T.: Fireman
Lee, H.: Trimmer
Light, C.: Fireman
Light, W.: Fireman
*Lindsay, W.: Fireman
Lloyd, W.: Fireman
Long, F.: Trimmer
Long, W.: Trimmer

Mackie, W. D.: Junior fifth assistant engineer
Magee, W.: Senior sixth assistant engineer
*Major, W.: Fireman
Marrett, G.: Fireman
Marsh, F.: Fireman
Maskell, L.: Trimmer
*Mason, F.: Fireman
Mason, J.: Leading fireman
May, A. W.: Fireman's messman
May, Arthur: Fireman
Mayo, W.: Leading fireman
*Mayzes, T.: Fireman
McAndrew, Thos: Fireman
McAndrews, W.: Fireman
McCastlen, W.: Fireman
*McGann, James: Trimmer
McGarvey, E.: Fireman
McGaw, E.: Fireman
McGregor, J.: Fireman
McInerney, T.: Greaser
*McIntyre, William: Trimmer
McQuillan, William: Fireman
McRae, William: Fireman
McReynolds, W.: Junior sixth assistant engineer
Middleton, Alfred: Assistant electrician
Milford, George: Fireman
Millar, R.: Extra fifth assistant engineer
Millar, T.: Assistant deck engineer
Mintram, W.: Fireman
Mitchell, B.: Trimmer
*Moore, J.: Fireman
Moore, R.: Trimmer
Moores, R.: Greaser
Morgan, A.: Trimmer
Morgan, T.: Fireman
Morrell, R.: Trimmer
Morris, A.: Greaser
Morris, W.: Trimmer
*Murdoch, W.: Fireman

Nettleton, G.: Fireman
Newman, C.: Storekeeper
Noon, John: Fireman
Norris, J.: Fireman
Noss, B.: Fireman
*Noss, H.: Fireman
*Nutbean, William: Fireman

*O'Connor, John: Trimmer
Olive, C.: Greaser
*Oliver, H.: Fireman
*Othen, C.: Fireman

Paice, R.: Fireman
Painter, Charles: Fireman
Painter, F.: Fireman
Palles, T.: Greaser
Pand, G.: Fireman
Parsons, F. A.: Senior first assistant engineer
*Pearce, J.: Fireman
*Pelham, G.: Trimmer
*Perry, E.: Trimmer
Perry, H.: Trimmer
Phillips, G.: Greaser
Pitfield, W.: Greaser
*Podesta, J.: Fireman
*Pregnall, George: Greaser
Preston, Thomas: Trimmer
*Priest, John: Fireman
Proudfoot, R.: Trimmer
Pugh, P.: Leading fireman
*Pusey, Robert: Fireman

*Ranger, Thomas: Greaser
Read, J.: Trimmer
Reed, R.: Trimmer
Reeves, F.: Fireman
*Rice, C.: Fireman
Richards, H.: Fireman
Rickman, G.: Fireman
Roberts, G.: Fireman
Rous, A.: Plumber
Rudd, Henry: Storekeeper

Sangster, C.: Fireman
Saunders, T.: Fireman
Saunders, W.: Fireman
Saunders, W.: Trimmer
Scott, Archibald: Fireman
*Scott, Fred: Greaser
Self, A.: Greaser
*Self, E.: Fireman
*Senior, Harry: Fireman
Shea, Thos: Fireman
*Sheath, F.: Trimmer
Shepherd, Jonathan: Junior second assistant engineer
*Shiers, Alfred: Fireman
Shilaber, C.: Trimmer
Skeats, W.: Trimmer
Sloan, P.: Chief electrician
Small, William: Leading fireman
Smith, E.: Trimmer
Smith, James M.: Junior fourth engineer
Smither, H.: Fireman
Snellgrove, G.: Fireman
Snooks, W.: Trimmer
*Snow, E.: Trimmer
*Sparkman, H.: Fireman
Stafford, M.: Greaser
Stanbrook, Augustus: Fireman
Steel, R.: Trimmer
Stocker, H.: Trimmer
*Street, A.: Fireman
Stubbs, H.: Fireman
Sullivan, S.: Fireman

Taylor, J.: Fireman
*Taylor, James: Fireman
Taylor, T.: Fireman
*Taylor, William Henry: Fireman
Thomas, J.: Fireman
*Thompson, John: Fireman
*Threlfall, Thomas: Leading fireman
*Thresher, G.: Fireman
Tizard, A.: Fireman
Toung, F.: Fireman
Tozer, J.: Greaser
*Triggs, R.: Fireman
Turley, R.: Fireman

Veal, A.: Greaser
Vear, H.: Fireman
Vear, W.: Fireman

Ward, Arthur: Junior fourth assistant engineer
Ward, J.: Leading fireman
Wardner, F.: Fireman
Wateridge, E.: Fireman
Watson, W.: Fireman
Webb, S.: Trimmer
Webber, F.: Leading fireman
*White, Alfred: Greaser
White, Alfred: Electrician
White, F.: Trimmer
*White, William George: Trimmer
Williams, E.: Fireman
Wilson, Bertie: Senior second assistant engineer
Wilton, William: Trimmer
Witcher, A.: Fireman
Witt, F.: Trimmer
Witt, H.: Fireman
Woodford, H.: Greaser
Woods, H.: Trimmer
Wyeth, J.: Fireman

Young, Francis: Fireman


If you feel that I have missed someone, or would like to make any comments, please email me.